Spiritualism evolved from human thought at least six
thousand years before the advent of Christianity that was
fathered in by Jesus the Christ.
This great prophet and healer, Jesus Christ of Nazereth,
manifested on the earth to show that mankind did not need
magicians or high priests to reach and talk with God.

All one has to do is express God's Love and Thinking and
show Consideration towards each other, to God and to
ourselves. This simple message ignited a chain of events that,
to this day, influences our societies and world awareness.

The Spiritualist events that were born in Hydesville, NY
on March 31, 1848, as well, still influences our thoughts and
ideas, our societies and our world.
The profound Truths that were given to us by all of the
great prophets and messengers of God are of no more
importance than the Truths presented to us by the Fox
family of Hydesville, NY

The Truths of  Continual Life after the change called death,
the removal of the fear of dying from our thinking and
personal responsibility for our own actions release us from
the bonds of human narrow-minded thinking.
A Spiritualist is a practioner of self-discovery, higher aware-
ness and higher consciousness regarding this world and the
spiritual realm of God.

God, is the Infinite Mover, the Infinite Spirit and Infinite
Intelligence that is the all of all that is, the Great I Am!
Spiritualism helps us to understand who we are in the
Divine Plan of this Infinite Intelligence.  Our
Motto is:
"As the Sunflower turns it's face to the light of the Sun,
so Spiritualism turns the face of humanity towards the
Light of Truth."

Join Spiritualists worldwide in our celebration of Life and
God.  For more information, please use the links provided
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God's Spirit of Light and Love is always with us and guides
us on our life's journey through Spirituality.
The National Spiritualist Association
of Churches
Lily Dale, NY
Reverend Robert R. Bianchi, NST - Pastor
The Journey of Life begins with
God and Spirit
* *
Spiritualism is the Religion and Philosophy
of life. It is the Science of Discovery. It
teaches us to invesitgate the realities of  the
Universe, seen and unseen, and how to
express God's Wonder throughout
our own Spirit's Human Experience.
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