Emma Harding Britten-known as the
Silver Tongued Lecturer and the Greatest
Woman Propagandist Modern Spiritualism
ever had, born in London in 1823.  She
Two Worlds and wrote Modern
American Spiriualism
Dr.Joseph Rhodes Buchanan- coined the
term psychometry, wrote
Journal of Man
and the Manual of Psychometry in 1889
and was a medical doctor noted for this
interest in "the soul of things."
Mercy E. Cadwallader- the "Animated
Encyclopedia of Spiritualism" and one of the
organizers of the National Spiritualist Assoc.
Through her efforts the Andrew Jackson
Lyceum was built in Lily Dale, NY.  She was
responsible for the markers placed at
Hydesville, NY that stated"There is no death,
there are no dead."  Also, helped erect a
shrine placed by the Spiritualists of the World
at Rochester, NY (that still stands today)
Hereward Carrington- British researcher of
psychic phenomena. He investigated the
mediumship of Eusapia Pallidino that served
to change his skepticism regarding
Spiritualism.  He established the American
Psychical Institute and Laboratory in 1921.
He also wrote
Psychic Phenomena of
in 1918.
Wilberforce J. Colville- through the
influence of spirit could stand and talk on any
subject, unprepared, for hours.  He wrote the
Universal Spiritualist Catechism of
Spirituals Philosophy
Margery Crandon-demonstrated materialization,
automatic writing, direct voice and psychic music.
Her mediumship, along with her brother Walter's,
was very powerful. They both came under heavy
investigations and many stated her mediumship
was the most remarkable in the history of
psychical research although still attacked by
many.  She passed to Spirit in 1939 leaving great
wonder of her mediumship instilled in the minds
of many.
William Crookes- one of England's most noted
chemists and physicists. He conducted many
detailed experiments to prove the truths of
Spiritualism. He invented many great things of our
time and investigated D.D. Home, Catherine Fox,
Florence Cook and Eusapia Palladino.  He
became, through his investigations, and advocate
of the Spiritualist movement. He wrote
Researches in the Phenomena of Madern
and The Spiritualist.
Andrew Jackson Davis- the founder of The
Harmonial Philosophy
. He was born in New
York in 1826.The Harmonial Philosophy was an
approach to awareness. He is referred to as the
"Spiritualism's John the Baptist" and "The Father
of of the Spiritualist's Lyceum." He believed in
the vital importance of children and the
instructional Lyceums began due to his influence.
Some of his other writings are
Natures Divine
Revelations, The Magic Staff, The
Children's Progressive
Lyceum Manual , The Great Harmonia,
Penetralia, Arbula
and Beyond The Valley
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